World's Tallest Cat

The title of the world's tallest cat has been transferred from the magical MAGIC to the tallest TROUBLE! Magic is an F1 Savannah cat. She is world famous as she is also the world's largest domestic cat. Now the accolade of the tallest domestic cat has been awarded to another Savannah cat aptly named Trouble. Although I doubt whether Trouble really is troublesome.

Magic measured 17.1 inches to the shoulder. Trouble was measured at 19 inches to the shoulder. He is owned by Debby Maraspini (USA) and was measured at the Silver Cats Cat Show, Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nevada, USA, on 30 October 2011. The title is confirmed on the Guinness World Records™ website.

Trouble was born and raised at Savannah Island Cattery and after a brief spell with new owners from 3 months of age is now back at the cattery. He is special and it is probably fair to say that he requires special care. Look at his size:

Photos copyright Jeff from Aadnesen Savannahs Cattery

I think he should also be awarded the title of the world's longest domestic cat, currently held by Stewie.


  1. Okay, so there is no Record for Largest Housecat... Check with Guinness... The World's Longest Cat is Stewie. He measures a full INCH longer than Trouble... This really means that Magic is not really all that large. When Magic had the record for the longest cat, she measured in at 42.72 inches... VERY shy of the current record held by Mymains Stewart Gilligan at 48.5 inches. When you put together Stewie at 48.5 inches long and Trouble at 19 inches tall... Magic is a VERY SMALL CAT!


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