Why I let Tootsie become an outdoor cat

Tootsie is a Maine Coon polydactyl. A genuine Maine coon, except for the the thumbs. Thumbs are not allowed in the professional cat showing world, even though a significant number of the original Maine coons were polys.

I found her online, via petfinder.com.

As you can read below, my adventure in adopting Tootsie was not altogether happy. Nothing to do with Ms. Cat, but rather owing to the final moments of her adoption.

Photo below of her guarding the garden gate.

Tootsie guards the garden gate

As I have related before, Ms. Cat has only recently ventured outdoors. She's been really well behaved during the adventure. Previously she would bolt upstairs whenever I opened the patio door. I know it's probably safer to have a cat completely indoors.

Plus, when I adopted her 2 years ago (she's 8 now), I had to sign papers saying I would keep her as an indoor cat. However, after all the paperwork was done, and I was ready to take Ms. Cat home, the adoption person said, "oh, by the way, we didn't actually test her for FeLV/ FIV, because she's always been an indoor cat." Which was NOT what was said on the petfinder ad online. The ad said she was FeLV/ FIV negative.

The adoption person added "but when you have her tested by the vet, if it turns out that she is positive, we will take her back." I can't tell you how gobsmacked I was. Uh, totally pissed off. Like I would just return her as if she were a faulty lampshade?

Well, Tootsie's not FeLV/ FIV positive. But, I figure that the rescue agency's contract had no merit, given the lie in the ad they placed at petfinder.com.

So, Ms. Cat gets to go outdoors. Very occasionally, and under my strict supervision. In a very protected neighborhood. And, she comes when I call her.

She is no longer scared of every little noise, and seems much happier and confident as a result of being allowed to have "outdoor cat" status.

And, sorry for the rant, but I guess it's been brewing in my subconscious for a while. *g*

Oh, this might be obvious, but as a result of my adventure, I would say that people involved in cat rescue are not necessarily to be trusted. Dim view I know. Ask the hard questions first.


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