Living With Your Dying Cat

When a cat that you have loved for 19 years begins to die you die a bit with her. You might find that she hides away for hours. If she goes outside she may go under a bush for many hours doing nothing. This is dangerous because flies might settle in her and lay eggs. She may have one of the classic diseases of geriatric cat such a kidney failure. She may drink a lot more and go to the toilet all the time.

She may lose her sense of smell and as a consequence lose her appetite. He illness will also have an effect on her appetite. She will lose weight. Other diseases might accompany kidney failure such as hyperthyroidism and hypertension. She may be anemic.

You may have to decide to do the kind thing and euthanize her. You will be making a decision to kill a companion that you have loved for 19 years. It will be a hard decision. It must be well made.

The key is to maintain an objective approach. Do what is best for her. When her quality of life is so poor and when she is miserable and in discomfort she might stop eating. Then you have arrived at the end of an unnerving journey.

You will need a good veterinarian; one who is knowledgeable and who can assist you in making this difficult decision. A person with experience is essential. Your good vet will ease the way.

When she has been euthanized you will need to immediately go to a crematorium and then you can bring her home so that she will be with you for the remainder of your life and in the hereafter.


  1. Hi Michael,

    I know you've been coming to terms with this for a while. Very tough.

    When by best friend Julie decided it was time to let Smooty go (chronic kidney failure) the vet came to her house to euthanize Smoot. His ashes are in her garden.

    My sister has the ashes of her first cat in an urn on her dressing table. It's something I, for various vagaries, haven't to deal with. Yet. I dread it.



  2. Thanks VG. It seems that it is the downside of living with a cat companion as their lives are much shorter than ours.


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