Cat Crazies

What are the cat crazies? Tootsie, a beautiful polydactyl Maine Coon, does them and a lot of cat caretakers attest to them. They are real! But have you seem 'em?! What does it mean?

Cat crazies (CCs) describes a cat that suddenly, for no apparent reason, goes a bit berserk as we understand the word. The cat might chase around, charging at things, jumping onto some cat furniture and doing lots more in quick fire action. This looks odd as most cats sleep and are passive most of the time.

Well, I haven't given it a thought until now. My cats don't do it...LOL...sorry. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

My immediate thought is that the cat crazies is a sudden desire for activity by the cat, which may stem from being too inactive, which in turn may originate in being a trifle bored. That is not a criticism of anyone.

I would be shocked to discover the wildcats doing the cat crazies! If I am correct in that ascertain it would support the idea that the domestic cat crazies is an expression of a desire to be more active. Don't forget cats are designed to hunt and attack prey. Eons of evolution has resulted in this perfect predator (see picture of cat skeleton).

Immediately after a bout of cat crazies, the cat will rest. And here is a really nice picture by VG of her cat, Tootsie, after a spell of the CCs. This is a swirl of fur like an ocean wave following a tsunami.

Tootsie resting after a bout of the cat crazies - Photo VG.


  1. Hi Michael!

    I have to admit that most of the reports I've read about "Cat Crazies" are from people owned by Maine coons. That's because I tend to be a bit "Maine Coon o' centric". But I know of at least one instance of an 18 year old moggie doing this.

    Hard to know why your cats don't do this. Let me think on that one!

    Oh, and loved your description of the photo!


  2. Hello Michael. Greetings from northern VA.
    I think I can provide some insight. I've had a lot of feline friends over the years. Most (if not all) have done this behavior at some point, and some habitually. I think it is because they see something there that human eyes don't percieve. Spirits, most likely. Ghosts, Elementals, Interdimentional Entities...

    We recently lost a much loved friend, Buddy. Since he left this physical plane, our other four-legged friends have been showing us that they can still interact with him. You may think me insane, and that's ok if you do, I don't mind. I know what I observe.

    I once had a feline friend, Buck, who used to hunt under my trailer, and I could hear him calling the mice, "Mooouse... Mooouse..."

    It's all a matter of personal perception and perspective, really.

    Namaste, and Peace to you.


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