Blue Mackerel Tabby and White

This is a nice picture of a blue mackerel tabby and white Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC). You can tell the difference between an NFC and a Maine Coon by the muzzle. The NFC has a more pointed face whereas the Maine Coon has a squarer muzzle and therefore face. There are other differences.

If you would like to read about tabby and white cats, this page deals with that subject comprehensively plus some more pictures.

Blue mackerel tabby and white Norwegian Forest Cat - Photo by PCB75

The photo copyright protected and is published with the photographer's permission. The photographer is Ainhoa.

He has very nice white markings as they are symmetrical. These are caused by the presence of the white spotting or piebald gene. The mackerel stripes are also clear. Sometimes you see joined up spots or spots that are not quite joined up. The blue color is like a filter overlaying the brown.


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