Gray Traditional Persian Cat

Belly Rub by fofurasfelinas
Belly Rub, a photo by fofurasfelinas on Flickr.
This is a great photo of a gray, traditional Persian cat. They are called "doll face" Persian cats or "doll faced". Their sweet faces explain why. Their faces are not overbred and flat. This cat has a Persian cat face that is very similar to Persians of over 100 years ago in the UK.

I love the texture of the long fur. It is highlighted because the cat is lying on a plain white background.

The cat's name is Godard and his human companion is Aline Garbati. They both live in Brazil.

The photographer is Giane Portal whose Flickr name is fofurasfelinas who allows me to publish her photographs. They are protected by copyright incidentally.

Giane is a fine cat photographer and well known.


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