World's Most Efficient Kitteh Video

This is probably the most efficient YouTube video on the internet. What I mean is the duration of the video at 17 seconds in relation to the number of visits at over 54 million at the date of this post! Wow. Maybe we should do a survey. I would expect this video to win. To get over one million hits is very rare but 54 million is astonishing. In fact to get 5,000 views is very good. Most videos receive views in the hundreds.

I wonder what is going on? The kitten mimics the hand of the person. This in fact is not uncommon and probably common sense. Kittens learn from their mothers and close family members. They learn by watching and copying. Obviously this mainly concerns hunting skills.

In this case the kitten is just plain copying despite no benefit. And the mother is a human. We keep out domestic cats in perpetual kittenhood by feeding and caring for them. This is why cats knead us.

Great video. It shows how it is possible to create a mega hit video from simple material and this is not a sophisticated video. It's all about what is happening. The presentation is very secondary.


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