Serval Kittens

Can I take the liberty of showing you the birth of three serval cubs? This is a video that I have had on my YouTube channel for while and thought that it would be appropriate to show it here. At least I know the video will play! Sometimes they get pulled off YouTube for various reasons, usually because of breach of copyright, and that leaves a blank screen.

It is rare to see the birth of wildcats. The video material comes from A1 Savannahs Farm in OK, USA. It was made by Kathrin Stucki. They breed Savannah cats. It is probably the best breeding cattery anywhere. A fantastic facility.

The serval has the longest legs to body size ratio of any cat including the cheetah. This popular wildcat also has long, tall ears. The serval depends of acute hearing to detect prey in long grass. It will pounce on small prey based on sound and stun the prey.

In the video you will see Dea, the mother, eat the placenta. This is because it is an efficient use of available nutrients even if they are her own and it probably is a safety precaution from predators.


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