Controversial Cat Swimming Video

This is an interesting video not because of the video's contents but because of people's reactions and arguments in the comments. You can see the comments here but please read this first!

Here is the video:

The problem I have with it is that it appears that the women are being careless and a bit silly in putting the cat in the swimming pool and it looks like the cat has been forced to swim just to amuse the ladies and to make a video hit (it has received 2.8m hits). It always astonishes me how fairly average videos can get so many hits.

So, is the video good or bad? Neither. Cats are natural swimmers. Some wildcats spend a lot of time in the water because that is where - in and around the water - the food is (see water cats)

So, a cat placed in a swimming pool will naturally swim to shore. I don't think there is much chance of a cat drowning unless he or she can't get out and there was no chance of that happening.

But the domestic cat won't enjoy it. It might be a bit stressful, depending on the individual cat's character. And once again I find the video a bit exploitative. It is that element of it that I find a bit distasteful.

It has provoked polarized opinions, understandably.


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