Tootsie Maine coon polydactyl is famous!

My Maine coon polydactyl is famous!  She rules her small corner of the internet, that is.

I was googling for info on Maine coon polydactyls, and knock me down with a feather! In the images 3 of the 5 were of Tootsie, cat Ms. Beauty cat! The rescue cat. I had an internet friend "from away" who has no Maine coon or Tootsie "priors" do the same search, just to make sure it wasn't biased because of my "priors"... all those internet searches that google mysteriously saves *g*

So, however did this happen? Well, first I had to adopt Tootsie. And then, get her to agree to some photo ops...

The first pic in the series links to this article at Pictures of Cats: Polydactyl Maine Coon Cat Tootsie.  Ah, that explains it!  POC is the number one cat site on the internet, and Michael was kind enough to start hosting my kitteh blog, even before Tootsie came into my life!  And, the other Tootsie pix are from my blog.

Michael, thanks for making Tootsie famous!  I knew you had a soft spot for her... *g* And, so do I...and you can see why...

Impressionist portrait
flickr image here.


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