Maine Coon still nutty for twist tie toys

My Maine coon polydactyl is nutty for twist ties. They are her favorite "prey". When it's time for me to toss the twist ties for her, she makes that very clear. I know her ways by now. She gets that fluffy attack cat look about her, and lets me know. I toss them in the air to land on the bed, and she runs from faraway places to attack them, like a rocket cat. Her hearing is very precise, and she has them in an instant. But, after some time on the bed, the game is for me to toss the twist ties onto the hardwood floor. Oh yes! More captured prey! But, sometimes I hear her whapping them about, in the middle of the night. Very resourceful, she is.

Oh, and yes she is resourceful! She invented this toy herself!
Twist ties- favorite cat toy of my Maine coon

Tootsie isn't always an attack cat. Sometimes she is quite composed, and really likes to stare at me.

Oh, I got am email from my vets today, along with a "Happy Birthday" card for Tootsie! She is 7 years old today, but still acts like a kitten. I think it's a Maine coon thing!


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