Those crazy Maine coons!

Maine coons are endearing cats, in part because they still remain kittens at heart. I know- I haz Maine coon (Ms. Tootsie the rescue cat).

Human says:
Sammy is a 10 year old Maine Coon cat who for the past 6 years has carried a 4" paint brush around the house; he moves it several times a day. He likes to have it near him; so every night at bedtime he carries it upstairs where it stays until morning. He then carries it to the first floor and leaves it in the mud room in front of the sliding glass door to the deck. He also carries it to the basement (this is where his litterbox is located).


  1. Hi VG

    I never told that I think your website title is very nice, smart and subtle. And there is not much of that about!


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