My first cat show- Thanks Sherry Campbell and Hang Ten of Mainesuspect Maine coons!

By wonderful chance I met Sherry Campbell and kitty (now "cat" I think) Hang Ten (official name GC Tropikoons Hang Ten of Mainesuspect) from Mainesuspect Maine Coons at my first time ever at a cat show- CFA show in Atlanta. I just happened to sit down beside her at one of the "rings" where Maine coons including the awesome "Hang Ten" were being judged. It's a pretty confusing adventure for a newbie, but Sherry was just great in helping me understand (to the best of my ability) what was going on when cats were being judged. And, Hang Ten is quite a Maine coon character, in the very best sense. So, I don't yet understand the ins and out of points and judging and such, or what the various terms mean, but it seems to me that Hang Ten is on his way to making a mark in the Maine coon world and beyond. What a personality. What a gorgeous cat!

So, my first "cat show" data point- maybe really nice and accessible breeders show, breed and own great kitties? I'm going with that for now!

Here are two YouTubes of Hang Ten from just a month ago, when he was being judged in the kitten class at a show in DC. Wow, this is some "kitten"!!

What a personality! Is this a Coonie to love, or what! *g*

Here's a pic of Sherry and Hang Ten and a whole lotta ribbons from a page on the "Mainesuspect" site, here.

There are more great photos of Hang Ten here- they are under copyright so I won't copy any here, but really, any Maine coon lover needs to check them out! What a gorgeous boy!


  1. Hi VG, you are officially in the Cat Fancy now! You have joined the club. All you gotta do is learn some terms like "type" and "foreign" and a whole lot more and you'll be showing cats yourself.

    And I agree, this boy Maine Coon, Hang Ten, is a complete star. His character looks to be great and the brown tabby and whites are (I think) the classic MC look. And his white looked snow white. He is very handsome.

  2. Hi VG - some more on Hang Ten. I couldn't resist making a short page myself on this handsome boy. He should be seen by as many people as possible.

    Thanks for showing him to me. Here is my post (similar to yours!)

    A Cat Making Cat News

  3. Hi Michael-

    And, the tail on that kitty! I loved the white ring in the middle. He's a cat and a half.


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