Cats and Birds/ Cockatiels- Interspecies Fascination- not what you might expect!

Cockatiel singing to a cat. Cockatiel - bird obsessed with cat. My latest YouTube discoveries in the "interspecies" category. My my, these cockatiels, if not total cat lovers (though it looks like it), are very, very interested in making the interspecies connection!

No cockatiels were harmed! Totally hilarious bird behavior.

Human says: One of our cockatiels, Kiki, is singing to our 19lbs cat, Samuel. Direct link is here.

Human says: My cockatiel is absolutely obsessed with my cat and loves to whistle at him (and his tail!) Direct link is here.


  1. I love how gentle Samuel is when he reaches out his paw at the bird.

    In the second one all I can say is that the bird really likes the cat's tail *grin*

  2. I loved both of these youtubes! I don't remember how I stumbled on to them, but the cockatiels were going full blast, and in both cases the cats were SO tolerant.

    Got me thinking- I worry about Tootsie getting lonely when I am at work. Hmmm... a bird companion perhaps? She is a really really good cat...


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