Totally charming tiny Maine coon kitty explores her world - in Japan

Yes, I love Maine coons! And, I love to find YouTubes/ videos that don't have a gazillion hits. I just happened on these from a new YouTube poster, and is this a sweet kitty, or what? Maybe I'm wrong that the kitty is a "she". I made this call based on the sweetie pie face, not the behavior.

Kitty explores washer/ dryer- she's almost got that treadmill up to speed!

Direct YT link is here.

btw, my most favorite "kitty on a treadmill/ exercise machine" ever is November Gets on the Treadmill

And below, the Maine coon kitty explores the wonder of dripping water. Yes, a bit longer YT than I normally post, but watch on, the cautious kitty behavior is fascinating.

Direct YT link is here.


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