Scottish Fold Maru aka "box cat" - YouTube star!

Maru, a Scottish Fold cat in Japan, is a YouTube star. Some call him "box cat" because of his performance in a YouTube with a gazillion hits, well deserved.

I just happened across a great compilation of Maru's antics from 2008, with the Human's comments included. Totally fun to watch this wonderfully silly kitty. These are snippets of longer Maru YouTubes, which you can find by going to mugumogu's Channel at YouTube.

Direct link is here

And, this is the famous "box cat" YouTube, (3,481,524 views as of this writing)

Direct link is here


  1. Awnnnn...
    So beutiful !!
    So much handsome your little boycat!!
    I'm brasilian and I have one little cat too.
    His name's is Lilica!
    She is one girl!
    Awnnnn... loved your cat, so much cutie !
    My cat played of box too.

    Thanks !


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