Scottish Fold kitty watches "Le Football"

Scottish fold kitty in France- temporary couch potato. I guess it's not just Maine coons that like to kick back on the couch.

Human says: (translated) Our Scottish Fold Doudou rests as usual next to his father during the soccer game.

To learn more about Scottish Folds via POC, read here, and and here.

I can't help but wondering if the worldwide popularity of the Scottish Fold breed came about in part by the charming books by Peter Gethers. I read the first one, "The Cat Who Went to Paris" years ago, and it was a totally delightful read. Among other things, it's about the transformative power of kitty love.

From Publishers Weekly:
Gethers, publisher of Villard Books, was an aileurophobe until he met the six-week-old Scottish Fold kitten, a gift from his friend Cindy. He capitulated immediately. From the beginning Norton exhibited extraordinary aplomb no matter where he was, or in whose company; he was sensitive, intelligent and always aware of what was happening. Norton accompanied Gethers everywhere--to the office, to parties, on business trips to Los Angeles and Paris, on weekends to Fire Island; hotel staff and airline personnel were eager to serve him. Like Cleveland Amory's cat, Polar Bear, Norton became a social arbiter who influenced his owner's love life. What a pet. What a tale.

That said, does it really depend on a specific breed? I don't think so.


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