Norwegian Forest cat- kitties are having a ball- from Denmark

Ah, what sweet Norwegian Forest cat kitties- five of them in a household in Denmark. They are little fluff balls full of kitty energy. Especially watch the smallest kitty sitting at the corner of the rug- classic classic Norwegian forest cat face! That's the only one that was still enough for me to see the face!

Norwegian Forest cats look a lot like Maine coons, perhaps not surprisingly, as both are "natural breeds" that developed in very similar environments- cold, snowy forested places. It's taken me a while, but I now can see as obvious the differences in their faces and head shapes. The Norwegian Forest cat face a bit more triangular, the Maine coon face less so.

Direct link is here.

Direct link is here.

See what I mean? ;) One is a Norwegian Forest cat, the other is a Maine coon. Both are flickr photos under Creative Commons License. Left photo is via fox_kiyo; right photo is via tsavobosques. You'll have to click through to find the answer! ;)

Click on label below, "Norwegian Forest cat", to see more great YouTubes of Norwegian Forest cats, as well as links to the history of Norwegian Forest cats.


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