Maine coon kitties from Italy- the "Awesome Eight"

Maine coon kitties from Italy! This litter of eight Maine coon kittens comes from the cattery "Trilloteam". And, bonus, it's the first YouTube posted by them. I look forward to many more!

The direct link is here.

A while back, Michael Broad (who writes my favorite all round cat sites- Pictures of Cats and the Pictures of Cats Blog) and I had a chat about using Helmi Flick's great photo of "The Magnificent Seven" to start a "can you tell which is male and which is female?" quiz. I had my guesses! We both got sidetracked, but the link to that great Helmi Flick photo of a litter of seven Maine coon kittens is here .

So, when I saw the YouTube of eight! Maine coon kittens (The Awesome Eight?), I just had to reprise the idea. I took the liberty of capturing some screen shots from the YouTube, and then made my own guesses. I got a bit of a hint by checking out the page at Trilloteam re: the kitties here , which says there are 3 males and 5 females in the Awesome Eight. Here are my guesses as to which are male and which are female. Most seemed obvious to me, especially the Alpha Male who I identify as "m!!!". I wasn't sure about two, but my best guesses are m? and f? for those two.


  1. Hi, I'm Antonella "Trilloteam" breeder....whaooo very very good...f? is famale "Brunilde" and m? is male "Boezio"...
    Big smile to all.....

  2. Hi Antonella!

    Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. I was really curious to know how I did on the f/m calls.

    Oh my! I am so pleased I got this correct. There's an old American saying- "breaking my arm patting myself on the back!"

    I'm not sure I could have done this well for any breed except Maine coons. But, I've looked at a gazillion pictures of Maine coons, starting long before I adopted my Maine coon "Tootsie". Of course, I am fascinated by Maine coons!

    I watched your YouTube many times, trying to see if I could figure out the m/f thing. Actually, it was only the f? and the m? that puzzled me, and why I had to watch so many times. The rest were pretty obvious. Especially the "alpha male" m!!!

    Thanks, and best wishes! Looking forward to more YouTubes from you.


  3. This video is a total WOW. I love this. Well done Antonella. I am sure this has been seen by millions and if it hasn't it should!

  4. Hi Michael- when I found that video I immediately remembered our chat about a quiz- can you identify the cat sex/ gender? ! Not only is it a great video, it gave me the opportunity to test my kitty aptitude! Whew!


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