Maine coon humans can be as silly as their cats!

Maine coons are known for retaining their silly, kittenish personalities way past kittenhood. I suppose it shouldn't be surprising that Maine coon humans (the humans owned by Maine coons) can be more than a bit silly too, especially when under the Maine coon influence. ;) Everywhere in the world!

Below is another great Maine coon YouTube also from matosk, who posts from Bratislava, Slovakia. If you go to his channel, you can see some more entertaining YouTubes of Findus and May, the two Maine coons.


  1. Hey! Martin, and "Anonymous"!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving comments!

    I love finding youtubes that really deserve more attention, and especially from "international" cat lovers.

    Course, my YouTube searches tend to be a bit Maine coon centered! :)


  2. p.s. Martin- I thought your YT vid of Fini and May in bath was a brilliant piece of photography! Just wonderful!


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