Feeding Baby F2 Savannahs

Here is a simple video I put together of Martin Stucki bottle feeding tiny and noisy two generations from the wild (F2) Savannah cats. The volume is exactly as it was when I filmed the kittens by the way! They can sure make some noise and it is so cute. All cats born at A1 Savannahs come to live in the house for a while to make sure that they are fully socialized. In non cat fancy language this means that they become nice cats that fit in with our lifestyle and are not over demanding. It also means that they get along with other companion animals.

Wildcat hybrids such as the Savannah and Bengal can be over demanding for some people and it is one reason why they are occasionally given up. The person adopting a wildcat hybrid that is not well socialized will say that the cat has "behavior problems" or is an "aggressive cat". Sometimes this will be due to lack of socialization as I say but sometimes it is due to us not having the correct expectations of what it is like caring for a wildcat hybrid especially is the cat is a high generation cat, such as an F2. Here is a Serval kitten and a F2 Savannah kitten playing at A1 Savannahs:

These cats hadn't met before but got on fine and played immediately. Feeding Baby F2 Savannahs is part of the socialization process.

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