Cats in Movies- Orangey in "Gigot"

Orangey the cat was "Cat" in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but as I have discovered, he also appears in Gigot (with Jackie Gleason) and, and, and...

Via IMDb is this (shortened) Biography for Orangey:
Orangey the Cat is the only feline double-winner of the Patsy (Picture Animal Top Star of the Year) Award, the animal kingdom's equivalent of the Oscar. Orangey won his first Patsy for his cinema debut in Rhubarb (1951)... Ten years later, he won his second Patsy, playing "Cat" in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).

Other films that Orangey the Cat appeared in during his 15 year career, include The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), Gigot (1962), and Village of the Giants (1965). Orangey's longest gig was a recurring role as Minerva the Cat in the TV series "Our Miss Brooks" (1952) from 1952 through 1958.
Below is a 4 minute snippet from the first 10 minutes of Gigot, where Orangey first appears. It comes from Gigot(1962), part 1/11 Follow the part 1/11 link, and you can click onwards to watch the movie from start to finish, thanks to a dedicated YouTuber.

And, btw, I tried to figure out more about the PATSY Awards, and found virtually nada. A post via Critter Alley at least reassured me that my google skills are not totally lacking. On the other hand, sigh... Snippets-
I decided to try and get more information on the PATSY awards, and discovered there's actually very little to be found.

If, in fact, the PATSY award is no longer given, I must protest. It should be reinstated. Look at all the films and TV shows that simply wouldn't be the same without their animal co-stars.

And it only seems appropriate that animal actors be recognized, too.

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