A Cat Hero

Here's a great cat story- about how a cat gave the "heads up" in saving a poor doggy.

Cat, Firefighters Help Rescue Dog From Drain Pipe

They were in the park- and then-
One of those family cats, Sundae, alerted her owner that something was terribly wrong with Tiki.

"He came tearing back to me, yowling the whole time, letting me know that something happened," said Church. "She made sure that I followed her back over to where she was. The kitty is as much of a hero as the Aurora Fire Department. She took me over where the pipe was … and went in a few steps. We were a couple hundred yards away -- where we had been sitting previously. The cat took me all the way back there and then I heard the dog inside there. I never would have known that he was in there at all if it hadn't been for the cat."
If you go to the link, you can read the full story, and watch the news video.

The black and white cat to the right is NOT "Sundae". But, the cat looks a lot like him- although Sundae is a bit more er... substantial. This wonderful picture is available from flickr under the CCL, and is by 96dpi.


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