A Big Maine coon in action!

Maine coons, often known as "gentle giants", are the largest domestic cat breed. As Michael notes in a link below, "largest" is measured by weight according to cat fancier organizations. But, Maine coons are really LONG cats too! Long and lithe. And, very quick on their feet. I have a few nicknames for my Maine coon Tootsie, and one of them is "rocket cat".

Here's a YouTube I just found of a really big, long Maine coon cat getting his toy mousies. Just as a point of reference, kitchen counter tops are 36" high, and bar stools are 30" high. This is a LONG cat! ;)

Human says: How big is Big Max? This white Maine Coon cat can steal things off the kitchen counter without leaving the floor! The bar stool is too easy, so Max steps up to the challenge of the kitchen counter.

Largest Domestic Cat Breed. Go to the link to read detailed information about how the various breeds compare, both largest and smallest.

And, start here, Maine coon cat breed to learn more about Maine coons, plus some great photos of really huge Maine coons.


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