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If you are interested in adopting a polydactly cat, read on, and please leave a comment.

I adopted a polydactly cat, a Maine coon that I found via in January, 2009. I was looking for a Maine coon, and there was "Tootsie", a polydactly Maine coon purebred, and I fell in love. Honestly, I don't know if "polys" are special, based on my "one cat" experience. It may just be the "Maine coon thing" ;) But, the way she uses her paws.... well...

Maine coon polydactyl picks up straws with her paws

A lot of people think polys / polydactyls ARE special. And, readers who would happily adopt one, if they could find one to adopt.

Thus, I emailed someone at, suggesting that "polydactyl" be added to the advanced search terms. I got back a prompt reply from a very nice person, saying that is was a great suggestion, which would she would pass along to the development team. Fingers crossed, and hoping!

And, here's how you can help! If you want petfinder to include "polydactyl" in the advanced search terms, leave a message below. You don't have to have a blogger account- just post as "anonymous". If I get enough "yes" comments, I'll pass them on to my contact, hoping that that will help push the "poly" cause. I tried to go back and figure out how I eventually found the person to contact, but I couldn't! So, in lieu of that, I'm suggesting leaving messages here.

And, btw, petfinder in the US is a great "model" of how to do things right. I find it quite sad that the largest cat rescue organization in the UK has a really clueless online presence, and NO way via the internet to find individual cats to adopt. But, that's another story... Cat Adoption in the UK- What's the Problem?


  1. What the hell is that famous authors name?

    Hemingway, gotta love the Google, he left behind so many dang six toed cats they were going to destroy a bunch.
    The forking government got involved and were, as usual, a bunch of assholes, here is a link,

    XO honey, ain't heard nothing outta you in a while so I decided to stop by.



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