Siamese kitten and Ragdoll kitten-- compare and contrast

In an earlier post, I featured a charming chicken-stealing kitty: Little tiny Brazilian cat steals chicken I said in the comments that I thought it was a Siamese kitten. Nope. If a purebred, most likely a Ragdoll kitten, as Michael pointed out in added comments. So, I did some research on YouTube.

This is a Siamese kitten, tho I can't refine the call to say whether it is of "traditional" or "modern" type.

Direct link is here

Human says: "While my older siamese cat (Autumn) is enjoying some catnip, my five month old siamese kitten (Phoebe) challenges her for a whiff of it. View to see who wins!"

And this is a Ragdoll kitten.

Direct link is here


  1. I think the kitten is more of the traditional type (I truly dislike the modern pointy-faced breeds).

    Love the ragdoll who's so ticked off at the mirror cat. S/he even said a bit of cat profanity under his/her breath. LOL

  2. Hi Shakatany-

    Thanks for the info.

    Most of what I know about Siamese cat appearance comes from looking at pictures/ photos, and most show "juvenile" (?) or older cats, not kittens, so I am useless at making the call.

    Michael at Pictures of Cats has a great article talking about the history of the "Siamese" cat- traditional to modern, and the role of the "cat fancy" organizations in pushing the cat to its modern (extreme!) appearance.

    Michael's been running a poll for quite some time- opportunity to vote, and also current results are at the bottom of the article.

    No surprise, really (imho) 75% of voters prefer the "traditional" Siamese. Actually, I'm surprised that the % isn't higher.

    Siamese cat history


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