Maine coon snoring, and paw dancing in his dreams

Yes, this Maine coon snores. But what makes him special (compared with all of the other "cat snoring" YouTubes I've watched) is the way his paws dance along.

Direct link is here

Human says: "This is Bubba a 22 pound Maine Coon Cat. He started snoring about 4 years ago and no one believes us until they see it for themselves. As you can see his markings are very unique."

I've posted before another YouTube of a cat snoring Oska the British Shorthair Cat, snoring madly. Bubba the Maine coon doesn't quite have the same vocal range as Oska, but he makes up for it with some interesting paw and whisker additions.


  1. Love the paw movements - wonder what he's dreaming about.

    The owner said he started snoring about 4 years ago. I wonder if that is when he began putting on weight, if like with humans, snoring can be a result of being overweight.

  2. Hi Shakatany!

    Makes sense that snoring would be related to a cat putting on weight- reading other comments Bubba used to weigh 28 lbs, (irrc that's when the snoring started) but has been on a diet.

    On the other hand Tootsie my Maine coon, who only weighs in at 8lbs and is all fur and muscle, snores also.

    I was sitting at the computer last eve and I heard this low rhythmic sound coming from somewhere- sounded like fsss... fsss... I thought it was a computer or electronic noise and kept trying find the source... Tootsie!

    She's still adapting after her shelter days- surprise- she got brave enough to creep into the room where I was working (a first) and was curled up near my feet, under the table. Very sweet.


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