Cats and Politics

Hi guys, it's me Michael, the budding anarchist and cat lover, cat fancier. You know I don't understand how people decided on the phrase, "Cat Fancy" to mean the cat show, cat breeding world. That said, I can't think of a good alternative! But I can understand the mainly young people in the video below who want to make their voice heard, to shout out about the bl**dy politicians who muck up our lives in league with ever more reckless masters of the universe, the people who run big business. And I was pleased to be there to show my support. Cats and politics do go together. What affects us affects our cat companions and the politicians tend to have a negative impact on our lives.

The demo happened opposite the Bank of England and one of the chants was a rhythmical, "Jump, Jump". This was directed at some employees of the bank who were on a large balcony overlooking the demonstrators.

The video echoes of the 1960s to me, although that wasn't intended originally. And it is quite sinister. This is because it was a bit sinister. Particularly the damn police who falsely imprisoned all 4,000 of us for several hours against the law. Britain has become a police state.


  1. Michael-

    Thanks so much for posting this- your on the ground experience at the London G20 demo.

    Great video you made- really evocative.

    And, thanks for all the work you do on behalf of our feline friends.

    Can you give more details about being rounded up and detained? Like, 4000 people?!! At this point I might be sadly unsurprised if this happened in the US, but in the UK? Things have changed.


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