Cat blogging, negative feedback, and toilets

Apologies to all my regular and irregular readers. My cat blogging has been suffering because of my day job, which is overboard at this point.

In trying to make up a final exam, I ACTUALLY found this question in an online test bank.

Multiple Choice Question

1. Which of the following is most similar to the negative feedback mechanism in human physiology?

A) A car runs out of gas and stops.
B) A teacher marks all the wrong answers on students' exam papers.
C) A toilet tank refills itself after a flush.
D) An automatic door opens as soon as somebody approaches it.
E) A clock ticks on a shelf.



  1. The cat is really curious and understands the cause and effect of flushing but I hope the humans generally leave the lid closed or their water bill will be enormous *grin*

    BTW the word verification was restr which are the first five letters of restroom - talk about coincidence!

  2. HI Skakatany!

    odd about those word verification thingys! I'd had a few of those.

    I dunno- various possibilities as to what the cat was thinking- yes, I agree with "cause and effect". But apart from that, I was wondering if the cat really like to see rushing, swirling water, or was frustrated as heck and couldn't figure out why the water kept vanishing.

    I haven't forgotten about your comment re: the summer cat (?), (different weather available via different doors) just haven't checked out the details yet. Pretty interesting to try to figure how how cats see the world.

    I don't know if you watched Smudge and the printer (earlier post) but my impression was that Smudge was trying to figure out where the paper came from and how it got there.


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