Cat and baby prairie dog- more interspecies love

Cat and baby prairie dog- more interspecies love- to add to cats and dogs, cats and horses, cats and bunnies...

Human says: 猫と遊びたいプレーリードッグベビー。

Which roughly translates via online translation as:
プレーリードッグベビー that wants to play with a/the cat.
<ちゃheap that not And> the impossibility that analyze an/the attention: a part.
However, one of the cat be the feeling that seems as うっa little.
I am appealing with the eye a/the subject. ' Forgive it/. '

Hmmm.... well, online translation does have its shortcomings...

Click on label "interspecies" for the cat and etc. YTs. Hard to pick a favorite, but the cat and the bunny is pretty sweet. And, of course King Louie the Maine coon and Miss Sassafrass the miniature Schnauzer. King Louie... gone to kitty heaven now. Heart breaker, that. He's Tootsie's godfather.


  1. Baby of prairie dog that wants to play with cat.
    The cat thinks the baby to be a little troublesome. (-_-;)
    However, they are playing together after all. (*^-^*)

    The cat doesn't put out the fingernail to the prairie dog.
    Because the prairie dog is a child, he cannot add and subtract power...


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