British Shorthair- the cutest kitty ever?

Here's another great YT of joe joe, the British Shorthair kitty.

Direct link is here

Yes, I've posted this one (below) before, with a lot more information (British Shorthair cats- a wonderful YouTube), but I thought it would be fun to have them together.
Direct link is here

Is this the cutest kitty ever?

More about the British Shorthair breed- This page describes the history of the British Shorthair, AND has great pictures from the incomparable Helmi Flick. This page has more. And this page I found particularly intriguing, because it weaves together the history of a nation and the history of a cat breed.


  1. Joe-Joe and Delphi are sooo cute together. They act like a human mother and child would (minus the tail of course *grin*)

  2. Shakatany- I love those YTs!

    Last time I looked, irrc, no new ones in the last year or so, alas, because human makes great YTs and has great material to work with!


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