Traditional Siamese lilac point- Also a thief!

A lilac point Siamese cat is caught on video stealing kitty treats from the cabinet. And, he knows he is guilty as all get-out! Looking over his shoulder and checking repeatedly for the human, once he opens the cabinet door. Siamese are among the smartest cats apparently. I don't know if they have a moral conscience, but this cat KNOWS that what he is doing is not on the "approved list". ;)

Direct link is here

I read through the YT comments, and found that the human says: "He is a lilac point traditional (apple head) Siamese". I don't know Siamese, and I don't know about the color pointing thing- so I was at first trying to guess what type of Siamese he was, and then his color. But, the human cleared this up.

Here's a sweet flickr photo of two lilac point kittens from seemster. (CC license allows sharing.)

Michael over at "Pictures of Cats" has many many pages discussing the Siamese cat- including the "cat fights" over the breed designation, how the Traditional (apple head) Siamese got left behind by breeders in favor of the Modern Siamese, the public preference for the Traditional Siamese, and more. I can't possibly post all the links, here are two pages to get you started on this fascinating topic- here and here.


  1. Hi VG, this is a really nicely chosen picture. Nice cool and sweet colors and good composition. Love it.

    You can read about Siamese cat history too. The history of the Siamese cat is perhaps the most interesting and also possible the most controversial of all the cat breeds. It is also one of the longest.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I was hoping you would add link or two- I've read the "Siamese cat history" page before, and it IS an interesting history. Read when I was trying to get the basics about Siamese cats- all I knew before is that they "yowl" and often live quite long (or so I've been told).

    You might be interested in this picture of a kitten from seemster. I read through comments on his Siamese pix, but wasn't sure if this one is lilac point or not, and Traditional or Modern.


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