Oooh! Another cat loves being vacuumed/ hoovered

"Dandy" is a Maine coon in France, and he loves being vacuumed!

Direct link is here

Oh! at the very end, above, I caught a glimpse of a dandy cat toy- which I just featured in a post with Maine coon kittens! Maine coons having fun with "Catit Play Tunnel" toy

Direct link is here

And, a reprise of one of my favorite youtubes of Vinski, the Norwegian forest cat in Finland: (original post is More Vinski- getting a quick dustoff)

Direct link is here
Human of French Maine coon says: "Dandy et l'Aspirator, mieux que le Furminator ! ;-) - La suite, Dandy en redemande! - M'enfin, faut bien qu'il se repose l'Aspirator un peu !"

Online translation: "Dandy and the Aspirator (vacuum cleaner), better than the Furminator! ; -) - The continuation, Dandy asks again some! - at last, is necessary although it rests the Aspirator (vacuum cleaner).

Comment from Michael: I am dreaming of the day when I can hoover my girl cat. Her fur would benefit from a good hoover! Trouble is she is too nervous of the hoover. I can't get within 10 feet of her. As soon as I go to the hoover and grab it she moves away as far as possible.


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