More cat tricks! Bengal cat invents a great trick

This bengal cat loves sleeping in drawers. I confess I had to watch this a second time before I "got it" as to the trick, but then I was really laughing! Souter has such an innocent look about him...

Direct link is here

Human says: "My cat Souter (4 m/o bengal kitten) loves sleeping in drawers, especially ones that are closed. I thought that my girlfriend kept leaving her drawers open, and was going to yell at her for doing so, until I saw him doing this. Forgive the sound track, I rushed to get out my camera when I caught him in the act and didn't have time to turn down the stereo."

Michael at Pictures of Cats has a great page about Bengal cats. I find these cats fascinating, even tho I don't want to be owned by one. PoC page is here


  1. James- thanks for that great link about cat tricks. I've watched some YouTubes showing clicker training, and I think the cat enjoys it.

    I have a huge problem- my rescue/ adopted Maine coon is totally resistant to any kind of "cat treat"! She is just not interested! Weird, I know. I tried a bunch of things, in trying to find a way to reward her for taking medicine.

    Even tried canned tuna (I know that is bad for cats, but it was a last resort). She ate the tuna, but then threw it up in the hallway- and that is the only time she has thrown up, ever!

    So, I am stumped!


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