Maine coons love to groom their humans

I just found this latest YouTube from Human Booglum. We've exchanged quite a few emails about cat "asthma attack symptoms" vs. "cat throwing up hairball symptoms". More on that later. Course, we also discussed our polydactyl Maine coon rescue kitties!

This one features "Feets" the polydactyl Maine coon- Human said, in earlier YouTube here, "Feets is our brand new polydactyl Maine Coon, we think he is about a year old and nowhere near full grown. We rescued him from a snowstorm two days before Christmas. He is just a big baby love!"

This YouTube made me laugh out loud. Direct link is here

Booglum, you say "Feets decides to be naughty". But here's another perspective, which I hope you will consider- Feets wasn't being naughty- Feets was trying to style your hair, but because he's so young, and so new to the hairstyling business, he just didn't get it right the first try. Give him time.

Maybe you can show him this video- though you will have to make it clear that there are subtle differences between hairstyling for women and men.

Human says: "Theo the (Maine coon) cat is a trained hair stylist specializing in the male up-do." Direct link is here

I adopted/ rescued a Maine coon partly because of the great YouTubes I found featuring Maine coons- so I've created a separate label "Maine coons on You Tube". Click on label to see.


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