Maine coon kitties dancing!

Laser pointers are a favorite Human toy. There are gazillions of YouTubes of kittehs chasing laser pointers. This is one of my favorites, with music added by me:

Direct link is here, and also links to the original, without music.

p.s. I've posted this particular YouTube before, but it was in a post that showed all kinds of animals responding to laser pointers, here, but the kittehs kinda got lost. So, this is a reprise.

I have a lot of posts about Maine coons on my blog. I ended up adopting a Maine coon in part because of all the great You Tubes I watched featuring Maine coons- so I decided to create a separate label just for "Maine coons on You Tube". The label "Maine coon" shows all the Maine coon posts. Click on label/s below to see.


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