Little tiny Brazilian cat steals chicken

Little tiny Brazilian cat steals chicken. This kitty had a plan. First try, no. Steps back to reconsider. Second try, 5.7 of 6 for technical merit, 5.0 of 6 for artistic impression in the Cat Olympics. Pretty darn good. But not up to the Torvill and Dean standard. But, that was ice dancing, not chicken stealing. Hard for a tiny kitty to dance with a dead chicken.

Comment from Michael:
I love this cat (and chicken). But is this a purebred cat? Not sure, but it is clearly a pointed cat with fur that is not Siamese fur. The pointing is blue (grey) and solid (not tabby pointing). As the fur is longer than for a Siamese, if this is a purebred this little gutsy charmer could be a Ragdoll or Ragdoll mix. Or a plain old but gorgeous, moggie.

Direct link is here

Direct link is here

Nine judges- Technical merit- 6.0 from three, 5.9 from six. Artistic impression- 6.0 from all judges. This was record-breaking.

Have I mentioned that the week-long 2009 World Figure Skating Championships in L.A. just finished?


  1. Marion in SavannahMarch 31, 2009 at 3:58 AM

    Love both of these! Peter's old Siamese from years ago in NYC, Mitzi, almost did the same thing with a turkey. If she had gotten it off the counter it would have squashed her flat! And to see Torville and Dean again, what a treat...

  2. Thanks Marion!

    I loved watching the kitteh while s/he stepped back and reconsidered the strategy. I assume little kitteh was Siamese, but not absolutely sure.

    And, Torvill and Dean! I was living in the UK at the time- watching the ice dancing on TV, and what a moment! There was so much build-up to it in the news, for weeks before. National pride, to the fore. I'd bet that telly viewing hit a peak while that was on.

    I've had several T&D Bolero youtubes bookmarked for quite a while. Alas, when I went back to check, the one I thought was the best in terms of seeing the details had been removed.


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