I Like Maine Coon Cats

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Hi, I'm Michael and I like Maine Coon cats. In fact I like all cats. Ah, no that is not quite correct. I like all animals but I write and think about cats as they are companion animals to me. I express myself on my website, Pictures of Cats.org. And Valley Girl (VG), the person who builds this fine website, very kindly agreed to join with me in the common purpose of helping rescue cats and cat charities generally. You will see that teh kitteh antidote/ anecdote is an associated website domain to pictures-of-cats.org. (PoC).

PoC's main purpose is, then, to make money to give to rescue cat charities (see PoC Donations). But it achieves far more than that. It keeps me sane for a start! It provides endless hours of enjoyment and some agony to me. And I know VG likes creating pages for her Blog as well. VG also very kindly trusted me enough to have access to her website, hence this post. I would like to take this opportunity to thank VG for her input and thoughts. Although I have only known her (through this site only) for a relatively short time I know that she is a lady and a scholar. I enjoy visiting her blog, which can be accessed from the navigation bar of PoC.

OK, I do the occasional video too. This is thanks to Helmi Flick, probably the leading cat photographer in the world today, who equally kindly allows me to publish her photographs on PoC. I use these photos in the videos most times. My latest accompanies this post. As I said I like Maine Coons and the short video, above, celebrates this American cat (this is the link to the YouTube page).

Incidentally, the picture at the top of this page of me is with a Maine Coon called Jack Black. Helmi took the photo at a cat show at Waxahachie, Texas. Jack Black is a champion Maine Coon cat and he was simply handed over to me to cuddle. He behaved impeccably throughout and having him so close was a treasured experienced. The second cat in the video is another Maine Coon I like and hold dear; he is Zak and he lives with the Flicks at Fort Worth, Texas. The Flick family comprises Mr & Mrs Flick and Quinn (another Maine Coon) and 2 British Shorthairs, Sky and Nox. You can see them all here: Ken and Helmi Flick's Cats.

One last point, I love Tootsie too...And if you run a cat charity and would like a bit of extra funding you might like to contact me.


  1. Ah Michael- Thanks!

    After I started the blog, I went looking for extra info about cats, and discovered POC, which I immediately linked because I liked it so much. And, I am choosy about links, as you know.

    And, I had already discovered Helmi and Ken's wonderful photos before I started blogging. So...

    p.s. I just got up 11:30! Spring Break indulgence.


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