Casper a polydactyl rescue cat- he's white but not deaf

Not all white cats are deaf. It depends on many things.

This is Casper, a polydactyl cat rescued from the Human's yard.
Direct link is here

Human says: "6 days 6 weeks 6 months; Well close enough, we found this little kitten abandoned in our yard, still had his eyes closed, middle segment is about Christmas (playing with the wrapping bow), and last segment shows his polydactyl 6 toes, brown/blue eyes. He is not deaf as many are. And just as cute as can be."

Casper has one blue eye and one brown/ amber eye, which is a good indicator that he's deaf in one ear, on the side with the blue eye.

A good discussion of odd-eyed cats is here. Intro: "What causes odd-eyed cats? The color of eyes of an odd eyed cat are blue plus either yellow, orange or green." An explanation about the cause of white coats and hereditary deafness is here. And, this article gives even more information about the genetics of cat coat color- and white fur and deafness in cats here.

Marion in Savannah, who frequently comments here, is someone I "talk to" about cats. In addition to having Hoover and Victoria (both rescue cats), she has three "porch cats"- strays that she has been feeding on the porch. One of them is "Al" a beat-up tomcat, white with sapphire blue eyes. Marion suspected that "Al" is deaf, and part of the reason he gets beat up on by the other "porch cats". I think she's right, based on my reading of the links above- in fact, her note was what prompted me to do some research on white cats and deafness. I believe Marion has "plans" for "Al", but that has to wait until he is more trusting. Marion sent me some photos.

This is "Al" and his sapphire blue eyes.

These are the three "porch cats". "Al" is on the left. ;)

Click on the label below, "polydactyl", for more polydactyl cats.


  1. Thanks for telling Al's story! He does seem to be feeling more secure lately, which pleases me. I'll have to tell him he's a star of the internet now...

  2. HI Marion! should I crop that pix to really show his sapphire blue eyes?

    somehow they didn't show up quite like they did in the original you sent me...


  3. I'll leave that entirely up to you... The blue does show some, but with a really tight shot of his face would show up more. And people can see that he's a big kitteh in the "brunch bunch" pic.


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