Can Cheetahs outrun extinction? Only $120 left in the cheetah bank account

There are estimated to be only ~12,000 cheetahs surviving in the wild. They are on the verge of extinction. And, unlike those cute furry pandas, there is little hope of saving the species through captive breeding programs, for a host of reasons.

So, let's say each cheetah is a penny, in US dollar terms. 12,000 pennies left. 12 sawbucks. 120 bucks. $120. Not much left in the cheetah bank account.

Chart showing the decline in cheetah population throughout the world. Predicted extinction of population is sometime around 2015. Text and graph are from this link .

This is a moving video, watch, listen, and please go to the direct link, because the YouTube information (click on more information) has detailed information about how you can help.

Direct link is here

Cheetahs are one of the very few big cats that purr, btw. I've posted this YouTube before, but it's worth a reprise: Cheetahs purring and grooming a game ranger Direct link

This is a link to my earlier post on cheetahs- "Cheetahs Purr- and are on the verge of extinction"- go there to see another sweet video from the same game ranger, as well as more links.


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