British Shorthair cats- a wonderful YouTube

British Shorthair cats are among the 10 most popular cat breeds. I'm just beginning to learn more about them. But, after watching this fabulous YouTube, I'm sold! Human says: "baby joe joe is teasing his mommy delphi".

I really am NOT in favor of silly labels like "the funniest cat video ever", which is a popular YouTube title. But, I'd say this is one of the sweetest cat videos I've found. The "Valley Girl" in me says: "omigod, this is, like, so totally cute, fer sure". Forgive me.

Direct link is here

This page not only describes the history of the British Shorthair, but has great pictures from the incomparable Helmi Flick. This page has more. And this page I found particularly intriguing, because it weaves together the history of a nation and the history of a cat breed: (intro snippets from that page)

~~The history of the British Shorthair occupies a substantial part of the history of Great Britain, in fact from about 200 AD to the present.

It is thought that the history of the British Shorthair starts with the importation of cats from Egypt by Romans who invaded and settled in Great Britain. At that time the domestic cat's role was as a mouser. Between about AD 200 and the beginning of the cat fancy in the late 1800s the British Shorthair was a semi-feral cat or domestic cat evolving naturally within a large gene pool. New settlers to Britain might have brought their cats, which widened the gene pool.

Before the late 1800s there was neither a cat fancy nor the concept of purebred cats and cat shows. There were just domestic cats as companions to people. Today for the vast majority of people that is still the case. About 98% of cats are not purebred cats.

The British Shorthair has made the transition from a domestic shorthair cat living in Britain to the British Shorthair cat seamlessly to outsiders but as mentioned the road was not untroubled.~~~

And thence, a fascinating tale...


  1. Hi VG, You can sure find the best vids. I loved this Brit Shorthair one. It shows too how cats play with their mouths and some humans think that their cat is biting them and attacking them - not true.


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