20 Bengal Cat Games

Human says: "Every Bengal cat owner knows they need constant activity and enrichment. And that a Bengals's favorite activity is anything new to solve. Here is a few of the things we came up with."

Direct link is here

This is an all round great video. Watch till the end... ;) Purrrrr....

A page over at PoC (link) has a wealth of information about Bengal cats. The title at the top is "Bengal cats for sale", but that's a bit misleading. Michael can correct me if I am wrong, but my guess is that page started out focusing on the price of Bengal cats (and the cat being stolen from owners) and then just grew and and grew.

If you click on the label "Bengal cats" below you'll find more great YouTubes of Bengals on this blog.


  1. What a great owner - building all those ramps and shelves for them and figuring out what might interest them like the box with holes, the straws, the paper towel roll, the ice cube in water. I just hope they don't figure out how to flush the toilet themselves like some other cats. And their purrrs were purrfect *grin*

  2. Hi Shakatany

    Yes- agreed. I got a few ideas from watching that video. I think I'll start with the box with holes, and put Tootsie's favorite twist tie in there.

    She invented that "toy" (a "found toy"), and it's continually turning up in new places, and in different shapes. It's long, maybe 12" stretched out and covered with plastic. I turned the ends back so there are no a sharp points. I got rid of all the shorter, and paper-covered twist ties- I realized these might be dangerous.

    I am going to try and figure out how to make some walkways, but this might require shoving some furniture about!

  3. Hi VG, this is Michael. I called the page, "Bengal Cats for Sale" because there was too much competition on the internet if I just called the page "Bengal cats". And as you say I focused on price and the page grew and grew. It now covers pretty much everything but I think I can use this great video choice. Bengals need activity and this person delivers! Take Care VG.

  4. Hi Michael-

    It's really interesting to read around on your "Bengal Cats for Sale" page - I think people are intrigued by the bengal cat breed, and how these cats behave, even if they don't want to own one.


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