Tootsie- Polydactyl Maine coon picks up straws with her paws

I promise I will get back to posting great YouTubes of kittehs. Srsly. But right now I'm under "the I have a new cat" spell.

Tootsie loves to play with plastic straws, but usually only when the lights are out. Oh yes, I can hear it, as the straws get picked up and dropped and rattled about. And then there are all the thumping noises as she bounds around. I did manage to catch her at it today, though. She picks up the straws with her polydactyl paws, and then tosses them around or executes a quick maneuver so that she can grab another part in her jaws. And then... hmmm... it all depends... so many options. Today she was on top of the bed, and dropped the captured straws onto the floor.

Polydactyl Maine coon cat Tootsie, photo by VG
Polydactyl Maine coon cat Tootsie, photo by VG

Click on the label "cat photography" to see more pictures of Tootsie the polydactyl Maine Coon. Click on the label "polydactyl", for more polydactyl cats.


  1. Don't fret about videos — Tootsie pictures are great!

    If she loves playing with straws she'll probably go insane over a Q-Tip (or a straw) in the bathtub. I've had kittehs amuse themselves for hours that way. They swat the Q-Tip, it slides up the wall of the tub and down again, but there's no rhyme or reason to where it goes because of the uneven shape of both the Q-Tip and the tub. I'll bet Tootsie would LOVE this!

  2. Hi Marion

    I'll take her on a Q-tip test. But not by dropping her in the bathtub. She still does not like to be picked up, tho I've made 1% progress. I suspect that if I picked her up and put her in the bathtub she would view this as an act of extreme aggression, whatever goodies available there.


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