Oska the British Shorthair Cat, snoring madly

Oh, I wish I could sleep this soundly!

Direct link is here

Follow link here for more information about the breed, and some great pictures.

A few snippets:

~~It could be said that the British Shorthair Cat is as natural a breed as is possible today in that all registered breeds are now subject to human intervention. The breed originates from the British Domestic Shorthair or British Moggie, which has an extremely long history. Through selective breeding from the late 1800s the Moggie was transformed into a recognized breed; the British Shorthair. ~~

~~The British Shorthair today looks very similar to the English cat of 110 years ago. ~~

~~According to this website's (POC) long standing popularity poll the British Shorthair is one of the most popular ranking around 6th out of about 70 cat breeds.~~

You can take the poll here. My vote of course is for the Maine coon, but then I'm biased. :)


  1. Hi VG, I loved this video. Very well chosen. It made me laugh. I love it when cats behave like this. It shows they are really beautiful companions with all the little foibles of humans.

    You've got a nice site VG - well done. And I think it is starting to be noticed a bit too.

  2. Thanks Freddie-

    It's a lot of fun to find little gems like this at YouTube, especially when they lead me to find out more about a particular breed.

  3. lol , glad my cats don't snore like that, keep me awake all night.

  4. Hi Matt-

    Tootsie doesn't snore, but if she did, I could probably tune it out.

    It's harder to ignore her when she walks back and forth on my head!


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