Interspecies romance- the Maine coon and the chihuahua

This vid is ~ 5 mins, longer than I normally post, but it's worth watching every minute. And, there's the extra twist when the chihuahua's mate gets rejected in favor of the big furry cat. Poor doggie.

Direct link is here

Human says: "Our male cat, Nimrod (Maine coon), and our female chihuahua, Twinkie, expressing their love for one another. ~ They do this every once in a while, Twinkie usually instigates it by flopping down and begging for Nimrod to lick her. Sometimes she'll flop down in front of him in a spooning position and then slowly slide up into his arms, so she's being hugged by him, and then they start to make out. This time, she let Nimrod do most of the "loving". I felt sorry for poor Dobby, feeling rejected and like a third wheel." ~~More on this at the direct link above.

Click on "Maine coons on You Tube" label for more great YouTubes of Maine coons.


  1. Thats a cool video, good to see they get on so well.

  2. Hi Matt-

    There are some more "oh so sweet" vids of Maine coons especially "grooming" their buddies.

    Tootsie loves to lick my eyebrows. Other Maine coons seem to have a "hairdo" fascination.


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