Cat thieves (aka kleptocats)- the silent epidemic

Only a few brave Humans are willing to go public with this information. But yes, there are cats who steal. I call them "kleptocats". There is accumulating evidence that socks are a top target.

Direct link is here

And this from a site that has tracked the kleptocat problem. Snippet:

~~`"I own a cat burglar, he goes into peoples' homes and steals things," Miss Peacock said. "It's an anxiety thing. He wants to please me by bringing me home presents."

The oriental bi-colour cat steals at least one thing a day and has a fetish for socks. "His specialty is socks. He'll bring home one and go back to get the other. We have lots of pairs but it's really embarrassing as it's not just one a day, it was up to five or six!"

Dandelion has expanded his collection to shoes, clothes, toys, purses, gloves, knickers, rags, pin cushions, sunhats, jewellery and much more.

The clothesline is no barrier to Dandelion as he brings back clothes with the pegs still attached.~~~


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