Broccoli- Yummy!

So, those of you who have been following my various kitteh posts will know that one of my YouTube "research interests" is "what do kittehs eat"- particularly, "what weird stuff do SOME kittehs like to eat?" These be unique kittehs. These cats like broccoli.

Direct link is here

Human says: Little itty bitty kitty cat who stole my broccoli off my plate, ran away with it, and ate it.. growling.

And, the broccoli thief:Direct link is here

For previous posts on weird kitty eats, click on the labels below- either "Yummy" or "Weird kitteh eats" and the full list will come up. These kitty yummies include watermelon, cantaloupe, corn on the cob, pumpkin (starting with the skin!) and tomatoes. But I have to say finding "broccoli"-- that was, er, unexpected.


  1. Hi- I agree- I was debating whether to post that first- but I figured I'd go with the relatively unknown kitties. Captain Pugwash is delightful. I'll put that up in a later post with h/t to you!


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