Broccoli- Yummy Captain Pugwash is nutty for broccoli

In the comment section of an earlier post Broccoli- Yummy, reader shakatany pointed me to youtubes of the Most Famous Broccoli Cat ever. Thanks, shakatany!

Not to give anything away, but these are hilarious. And, I've included "Human" comments that are longer than usual, because it seems that there was an air of disbelief among some YouTube commenters that a kitty could be so nuts about broccoli. Or, that it was a bad thing. Read the comments from Human of Captain Pugwash below.

Direct link is here

Human says: We knew that Kiwi loves broccoli, but it was a surprise to find out that tiny Captain Pugwash not only loves it, but loves it truly, madly, fiercely!!! Listen to the growlies and look at the paw whappies!

Direct link is here

Human says: "Captain Pugwash went to his forever home tonight. We thought we'd show his new people what they were getting into, and get one last video of the now-famous broccoli kitten before he wasn't ours any more."

Note from Human: "Broccoli in small amounts like he gets is not harmful in any way. Yes, I checked with my vet. Yes, he gets a normal diet of cat food most of the time. Surprisingly, he is not our only broccoli-kitten. And finally, no, there is nothing on the broccoli to make him act that nutty for it - it came from a bag of frozen broccoli, and was briefly thawed under the faucet. Also, I did not starve him all day to make him do this. This is a seriously spoiled kitten. Like all of my kitties. Seriously."

You can read further comments from the Human if you click on the direct link above.


  1. Just want to add my bit to the Human's comments. I've been a friend of hers on LJ for several years. She and her family take in feral/unwanted kittens (and now a puppy), socialize them and find them forever homes (except for those who've made such an impact that they've found their forever home with her). The animals in her care are truly loved.

  2. shakatany- thanks for the extra information. btw, what is LJ?

  3. You're welcome.

    LJ is Live Journal, a variation of the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace etc. The nice thing is you can be public and use your real name or use a nom de courriel and so keep your privacy like I do.

  4. Thanks for the LJ info.

    New one on me. Hard to keep up with cyberspace sometimes!


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