baby Maine coon looks at his cartoon preferred on computer

Another video from my archives/ library of fun kitteh YouTubes:

Direct link is here

Note how Stitch tries to find the birdies behind the screen. Very similar to kittehs trying to find the "other cat" behind the mirror, as seen below (Human says: Chewie the kitten can't understand where the other kitten is)

Direct link is here

As I said when I first posted the video just above, I've long wondered about the way kittehs perceive our world, the world we find so "usual". I remember a friend telling me about the kitteh that loved to watch ballet on the telly. And then, would try to find the dancers after they went off screen, looking for them at the side and the back of the telly. More at link .


  1. Scientists do experiments with babies and toddlers trying to figure out their development. I wonder how old the kitteh would be in human terms.

    I had friends who had a Siamese who basically ignored what was on the TV...until the night we were watching a documentary on lions and he was absolutely riveted.


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