Alert!!! NEW youtube feature ????

This is a quick post.

I see that YouTube has DONE SOMETHING, that automatically adds the user's caption and the current YouTube rating to every video!!!!! Like to every YouTube I have ever posted.

I haven't had time to check this out. BUT, let me say THIS IS NOT MY DOING.

Frankly, I find this "new feature" very intrusive. However, the added info does go away once you click to play the video in the blog window, so it is not quite as bad as it might be.



  1. I suspect this is an attempt at a proactive stance against such things as 'Rickrolling' on Youtube's part, the party poopers.


  2. hmmm...

    interesting theory darkblack...

    ty, you set me off on a google frenzy, and NOW I KNOW the term "rickrolling"! "Bait and switch" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

    so, are you suggesting that YouTube may regret Rickrolling its users?

    YouTube Rick Rolls Users

    And, db, what do you have planned for March 31? ;)


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